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Tummy / Bikini Tuck

What do patients with an excessive amount of loose abdominal skin want? A tummy tuck performed safely with significant results and minimal downtime.

Dr. Tom now offers an Awake Tummy Tuck performed safely under local anesthesia without the risks of general anesthesia.

Fat is reduced by liposuction and then the excess skin is removed keeping the incision as low as possible. Often times the incision can be placed below the bikini line. Recovery is simpler with less discomfort.

Dr. Tom has introduced SmartLipo to Santa Rosa, Napa and Marin as a wonderful way to contour the body and achieve some skin tightening. However there is a subset of patients who have lower abdominal scars that are resistant to laser tightening. Removal of the scar and excess skin is required to give our patients a flat smooth “tummy”.

Hence, Dr. Tom has introduced the awake tummy tuck (Bikini Tuck) to Santa Rosa, Napa and Marin. Many mothers prefer this technique over general anesthesia and its risks. Recovery is simpler.

For more information Santa Rosa and Marin call (707) 542-8345 and Napa call (707) 224-5347.