If you are considering any kind of surgical or cosmetic procedure this is where you go. I had several consultations with other doctors in the area, across the united states and internationally. – since I am a flight attendant, location isn’t an obstacle for me.

Ultimately I chose Dr. Tom. After my consultation with him and meeting his staff, I was the most at ease and knew then, that this was where I would get my surgery.

I had my surgery in Jan. It went FLAWLESSLY! I am beyond happy and overly satisfied with my results! And doing it under local anesthetics was a breeze. There are too many benefits to count, by going that route. They let me take my time when Jinney was running my IV. They talked to me through the whole procedure, it was really more like having coffee with friends rather then a surgical procedure.

Yesterday I went in for a cosmetic procedure by Jinney. She is a miracle worker with those needles! And an artist just like Dr.Tom. The people in the office have made a lifelong patient out of me to say the least. I highly recommend for anyone doing their research, that they don’t waste anymore time, and just go straight in to Dr. Tom.


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In January 2013, after breast feeding two children and the subsequent deflation that occurred, I decided it was time to have a breast augmentation done. I scheduled consultations with several surgeons in the north bay area, and after-wards, my decision to trust this procedure to the hands of Dr. Tom and his awake breast augmentation procedure was an easy one. From a personal interaction standpoint, there is simply no comparison.

Dr. Tom was there throughout the first meeting which lasted almost an hour, he personally took extensive measurements, explained the procedure in depth, and walked through all my options with me. My experience at other offices made me feel like I was simply another car on an assembly line, while Dr. Tom was there to attentively answer all my questions and spend the time to walk me through my options and in later days answer my phone calls, the other Doctors spent less than ten minutes of personal time with me and seemed completely disinterested in helping me through the process unless I was willing to make a deposit and schedule the procedure.

From a technical and artistic standpoint, I was very impressed with the results of Dr. Tom’s work that I was able to view when doing the consultation. Dr. Tom was able to show me dozens of before and after portfolios that show just how good he is at giving women the volume that they desire while at the same time respecting proportion and natural shape so that in many cases it appears as if no work was done at all. A very important consideration in choosing Dr. Tom to do my surgery was the knowledge of his extensive and prestigious background in life saving surgery in Sonoma County, I felt very comfortable putting myself in the hands of a man who is a very well respected vascular and transplant surgeon.

End result – my surgery went perfectly, I am beyond happy with what Dr. Tom was able to achieve for me, post surgery pain was very minimal as was swelling and bruising…most importantly I know that I got exactly what I wanted and the results actually exceeded expectations because Dr. Tom was so honest with his assessment of what my results would be.

Of course I cannot leave out my praises of the all the other people in Dr. Tom’s office that made this experience enjoyable, his office staff, nurses, and assistants are second to none and I greatly appreciate their attentiveness and care.

So absolutely happy with the results.


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I can’t believe anyone would review such an AMAZING place with 1 star? The experience here is outstanding! From the time you call to set an appointment to the time you walk out the door! I love them all!

I have been to different places when I lived in San Francisco and Dr. Tom Walters Establishment is by far the BEST!!!! You will not regret going here! The procedures I have had done (this girl doesn’t tell) have looked beautiful! Thank you for having such a tremendous business!!! Love you guys and will never go elsewhere no matter where I live! : )


Jennifer B., San Francisco, CA



As a birthday gift to myself, I had smart lipo and mini tummy tuck this past August.

I am so glad I did. Dr. Tom did a great job! A month or two after the surgery, I was a little disappointed because of how swollen I was. It seems like there was no difference but Dr. Tom assured me that it will subside and he was right, of course! 🙂 It’s been 5 months since the surgery and I’m so happy with the result. It gets better every day! My clothes fit nicer and I am able to wear my favorite jeans again! Thanks, Dr. Tom and staff! You guys are awesome!


Agnes M.,Albuquerque, NM



This man is an artist. If you could see my before and after pictures, you’d call him immediately.

I had lipo of the abdomen. Dr. Tom then injected some of my own fat into my face, mostly in the cheeks but some above the eyebrow, the lines down from the corners of my mouth, and a bit in the lower lip. In 2 days, I thought I had made a mistake. I was sooo swollen! I would do it again (except I don’t need it now!). I look at least 10 years younger.

P.S. – They offer finance plans.


P. B., Sonoma County, CA



Dr Tom has done a number of surgeries on my , my leg , thighs, knee area and now I just had done a tummy tuck done!!

I cannot say enough great things about him and all his staff, they are top notch and I am a client for life now!!

When u want to change things in your life to make yourself better than just do it, we deserve it!!

Thanks so much to everyone there your are the best!!!


Kim ( the Leo girl. :)–


Kim N., Sebastopol, CA



Dr. Tom and his staff are nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

Even before I ever stepped foot into the office, I knew that this place would be “the one” for me. From the first phone call with Sally, I already felt comfortable and at ease. I had been to a prior consultation at a different facility, and I was in and out of the office in 20 minutes. At my complimentary consultation at Dr. Tom’s, Dr. Tom made sure to address all my questions and concerns, and provided me with even more information. There was absolutely no rush whatsoever. My procedure and recovery went amazingly well. I really could not have asked for anything better. I am so happy with my results and would recommend Dr. Tom to anyone. He has given me the gift of greater self-confidence. Not only are him and his staff professional and are so great at what they do, but they are honest, good people as well. Go to Dr. Tom, and I promise you will not be disappointed!


Ashley F., Santa Rosa, CA



I originally found Dr. Tom on Google as I was researching about tummy tucks. I found a news report about his “Awake Tummy Tuck” and I sent the link to my girlfriend because she was also interested in getting it done and was afraid to be put out. I spent a lot of time researching about tummy tucks and trying to find a local doctor (no more than 30 mins drive) with excellent credentials for myself.

A few months later, I went back to the link and called Dr. Tom’s office for an initial appt. The moment I met Dr. Tom at his Napa office, I had a good feeling about him and knew I would be in good hands. Dr. Tom was very patient with me and answered all my questions. I even inquired about getting fat transferred to my breast. We went back and forth several times. In the end, I wanted it done.

I had a lot of loose skin from having multiple pregnancies and was not happy with my body for a long time. Finding clothing was so difficult because I always had to look for something with extra room around the tummy to hide my flat tire. Dr. Tom recommended a full tummy tuck with the belly repositioning so I went along with it. I am now exactly 3 weeks out from surgery and am so much happy with my new body! I actually noticed the transformation on the 2nd or 3rd day after the procedure. All that extra loose skin gone and my clothing fits so much better on me! My husband even noticed the big difference. Dr. Tom did such an amazing job with his Awake Tummy Tuck. Not to mention how fast I re-cooperated from the procedure and the down time was shortened. My youngest child just turned one so I cannot afford to take the extra time off to heal. The entire process was so smooth. Even his staffs were so nice and professional. They spent a lot of time talking to me over the phone before the procedure because I had so many questions. Thanks so much Dr. Tom! You are the best!


Kelly C., San Jose, CA



First off, Dr. Walter Tom is AMAZING! He performed breast implants for me in September of 2010 and a bikini tuck in May of 2011.

Both surgeries went as smooth as it can get, both were under the ‘awake surgery’ where I was pretty much talking and interacting the entire time. It was relaxing, the staff is great and the results are absolutely beautiful. I have referred 2 of my friends they can’t say enough of Dr. Tom as well. I couldn’t have picked a better doctor or staff. I drive out almost 2 hours (coming from the East Bay) and it is very well worth the time. I would not go or recommend anyone else!



Bianca R., Antioch, CA



I was a bit nervous before I had my Smart Lipo procedure done in January. I did my research and came upon Doctor Tom after discovering his vast experience in cosmetic procedures as well as being a pioneer in laser surgeries here in Northern California.

He is very well respected and known in the medical community. After my first consultation I knew I was in good hands and could not be more thrilled with my results. No bruising at all, swelling is very minimal, worked the next day after my procedure and was back in the gym in 3 days! Best part of all of this, he is not NEARLY as expensive as SF physicians with the same experience or procedures. I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed. I am now currently getting laser hair removal and am very, very happy with the results. Since all of my procedures, I have referred several friends who have also had procedures done by him (or his lovely nurses) and are equally as happy as I am… Dr. Tom, you are the BEST Cosmetic Practice in Wine Country!


Ashley L., Santa Rosa, CA



I’ve Thermage, Restylane and facial fat grafting, all done at Dr. Tom’s office, at different times…I can only say I wish I’d done it all sooner!

Dr. Tom is extremely dedicated to his profession and to his patients. He is not only a doctor, he is an artist. I easily looked 10 years younger after my procedures. I would do it all again if I had to. The self-esteem and confidence I gained were added bonuses.

And kudos to Dr. Tom’s staff as well. They are all very professional, very personable, and very caring…just like their boss!


Christine S., Windsor, CA



I had ELVeS (Endo Laser Vein System) surgery performed by Dr. Tom several years ago. The varicose veins on my legs looked like small snakes wrapped around my thighs and calves. After the surgery, the leg I had done was wrapped with surgical bandages and then compression bandages.

When I got home from the procedure I went right to bed and stayed there for about 7 hours. I got up to see what was on TV in the living room. “I developed some bleed through the bandages. I wasn’t too worried. Anyway, Dr. Tom stopped by my house on his way home 20 minutes later to check the problem and redress the leg. No problem. Just like he thought from my description over the phone, just some blood pooling in the vein….”

He left more gloves and bandages so I could redress the leg the next day. I had an appointment the next day, the next week, after one month and after 6 months to check the progress. All those visits were free. No more fees were charged. How many Doctors do you know that would make a house call now days? ONE! Dr. Tom!


RICK C., Santa Rosa, CA



My first experience at Aesthetic Laser & Vein Center was a facial with Dee. It was quite wonderful – when I left, my skin was glowing!

Plus, Dee provided a computer analysis of my face. While my results were fairly good, I decided later, with Kendra’s encouragement, to start using their medical-grade skin care products. WOW, if I say so myself, I’m looking better and better every day. I am eager to experience more of the services they offer. Staff members are incredibly supportive and the services are offered in a beautiful environment. If you’re not quite ready to jump into “procedures” you can still treat yourself to pampering and quality facials – just like I did.


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