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Do it for yourself.

2 Submitted by on Sat, 04 September 2010, 10:13
In Eliza Drewa’s recent blog http://newyoumag.com/newyou-blog/plastic-not-perfect/ she explores what motivates women to seek cosmetic treatments.  Eliza actually rejects tha notion that  most women want perfection or the “plastic” look.  Not specifically delineated but what I decipher as an underlying theme is that we should not stand in judgment of others and their motivation to feel better about themselves. When we created our mission Continue Reading...
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Neck Lift without general anesthesia

42 Submitted by on Sun, 29 August 2010, 21:42
Question: Are there any neck lift procedures that can be performed under a local, rather than a general anesthetic?  My wife would like to get her neck lifted/tightened, however her past med. history rules out a general anesthetic.   Thanks………….. ­­­__________, luckily there are two alternatives for lifting the skin of the neck without traditional surgery and general anesthesia.  If your wife Continue Reading...
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