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Nuances in treating the Male Cosmetic Patient

0 Submitted by on Sun, 19 February 2012, 10:58
Recently I was asked by Cosmetic Surgery Times, to contribute my thoughts on treating the male cosmetic patient. The question posed; “In what ways is the male aesthetic patient differnt from his female counterpart?” There are nuance differences between men and women. Below is an excerpt of my response from this article in a segment entitled Aesthetic Exchange. Cosmetic Surgery Continue Reading...
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Embarassment…Male breasts – gynecomastia

1 Submitted by on Sun, 07 November 2010, 17:39
Male breast enlargement is socially a very embarassing problem for young men in high school and for older adult males.  It even has been dubbed “Man Boobs” to add insult to those who suffer from gynecomastia.  I received the below inquiry.  The name and any personal information is omitted of course for patient confidentiality. Blog.laserandvein.com question: “I have Gynecomastia and it Continue Reading...
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Neck Lift without general anesthesia

42 Submitted by on Sun, 29 August 2010, 21:42
Question: Are there any neck lift procedures that can be performed under a local, rather than a general anesthetic?  My wife would like to get her neck lifted/tightened, however her past med. history rules out a general anesthetic.   Thanks………….. ­­­__________, luckily there are two alternatives for lifting the skin of the neck without traditional surgery and general anesthesia.  If your wife Continue Reading...
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