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Florida interest in Selphyl enhanced Fat Transfer

0 Submitted by on Sat, 19 February 2011, 08:27
Selphyl platelet rich plasma fibrin matrix or the Vampire Facelift is getting a lot of media attention.  I do believe that it’s biggest impact may be how it enhances facial fat grafting as featured on our web link: http://laserandvein.com/facialgrafting.php. A patient emailed me all the way from Florida about the use of Selphyl in facial fat grafting because of the Continue Reading...
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Recycle yourself for a younger you?!?!

0 Submitted by on Fri, 26 November 2010, 19:00
Recycle!  Live Green!  Yes but how do you recyle yourselves for a younger looking you?  I recently was a guest lecture at the 5th Annual National Society of CosmeticPhysicians and spoke about our four year experience with Facial Fat Grafting.  Another speaker Dr. Rich Goldfarb described a new technology of using one’s own blood platelet component “Selphyl” to rejuvenate our Continue Reading...
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