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Liquid Lift and Fat Grafting

1 Submitted by on Sat, 22 October 2011, 10:06
Facebook is a very good interactive format for my friends and patients. (My patients are also my friends!) The below is a question and my reply that is based on the concept of the “Liquid Lift” Friend: “Dr T have you heard of Sculptra Aesthetics?” My reply: “Hello ____, Sculptra has a product that is an absorbable component that can Continue Reading...
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Mona Lisa Smile

3 Submitted by on Sun, 17 October 2010, 11:54
It’s interesting that medicine (Cosmetic surgery) is just as prone to marketing if not more so than ever before.  Recently featured on the popular TV show The Doctors was described the Mona Lisa Smile.  I watched the video clip and deduced that it was enlightening for the public.  It demonstrates a technique that we have been using for years.  It is always reassuring that  Continue Reading...
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