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Health is beauty and beauty is health.

1 Submitted by on Sun, 20 November 2011, 21:54
Recently a recurring theme has been evident during patient consultations at my office. Many patients believe that they are requesting a cosmetic procedure to look better, younger, more attractive, etc. From an evolutionary perspective, we are part of the animal kingdom. Yes, we have a higher level of thought and emotions. Yet, we share two survival traits of all animals Continue Reading...
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Simply good for body & soul; My update

2 Submitted by on Mon, 06 September 2010, 16:52
Simply Good for Body and Soul So as I submit these blog posts I feel an obligation to practice what I preach.  So here’s my progress report based on an excerpt reprinted from my Facebook notes December 28, 2009.  Additional comments September 6, 2010 We are in the middle of the holiday season and 2010 is almost upon us. After all Continue Reading...
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8 Submitted by on Mon, 23 August 2010, 17:40
We are very excited at the Aesthetic Laser & Vein Centers to be hosting a new blog site dedicated to educating our friends about their ongoing cosmetic concerns.  We have added “Health” to our blog name because we must optimize our inside to allow our outside to shine. I will be postings Q & A’s from the many inquiries we Continue Reading...
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