Vaginal Rejuvenation

Childbirth and the natural aging process can cause changes which may affect feminine health. Menopause can also cause physical and functional changes, such as excessive dryness. Any of these situations can take away a woman’s sense of well-being and happiness. We are excited to be one of the first in the area to perform ThermiVa – the latest generation, temperature controlled radio frequency system for in-office, non-surgical, anti-aging, intimate makeovers.

See results without surgery! ThermiVa treatments deliver gently controlled thermal energy to the desired areas – external (labia) and/or internal (vagina) – using the same technology that has been used for years to reduce the effects of aging.

What You Can Expect:

  • No surgery
  • No downtime
  • No anesthesia
  • Comfortable, in-office treatments
  • Three 30 minute sessions, one month apart
  • Noticeable improvment after 1st or 2nd session
  • Possible improvement in stress incontinence
  • Long lasting results

What Patients Have to Say… ” Such a comfortable treatment with absolutely no complications. Immediately I felt my labia and vulva to be tighter, a lot less saggy, and a definite “WOW!” in the way it looked. So much more moisture and less irritation in my jeans and softer and smoother skin. Funny how a simple treatment can give so much confidence.”
  – ThermiVa Patient

” My labia had become loose and a bit saggy and no matter how many Kegels I did, my vagina felt large and loose. It was after the second treatment that I noticed a significant difference. My labia was fuller and softer and my vagina was noticeably tighter. No pain during or after, no burning.”
  – ThermiVa Patient