New Service Offering!

Store your Stem Cells for your

Beauty and your Health

We are pleased to announce an exciting new service to our patients through a premier Adult Stem Cell clinical processing laboratory, American CryoStem.

Adult Stem Cell Storage

Your adipose tissue, commonly known as fat, contains an abundance of powerful regenerative Adult Stem Cells that are responsible for healing and repairing the organs and tissues within your body.

As you age so do your adult stem cells, limiting their potential for future use. Storing today “halts your current cell age” capturing younger, healthier cells for use in the future.

This new service consists of collecting a small amount of your adipose tissue (fat) in a simple procedure at our office. Once the fat is collected, it is shipped to American CryoStem’s laboratory where their clinical process isolates your Adult Stem Cells for storage and personal future use.

Protect your future health today and create your ‘bio-insurance’ for tomorrow!

Call American CryoStem today

at 866-519-3554 or Dr. Tom to schedule your Adult

Stem Cell Collection!

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