Launching a weight loss program

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WEIGHT LOSS.  We see it everywhere on the covers of magazines at the grocery checkout counter, TV infomercials, and billboards around town.  Why is there seemingly such a demand?  Nearly two‐thirds of U.S. adults are overweight (BMI ≥ 25)  and nearly one‐third of are obese (BMI ≥ 30).  For a Body Mass Index (BMI) chart please check our link:

Yet eating is such a wonderful part of most cultures.  When we think Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Middle East, India we almost always think of the special foods from these regions.  In his blog one of my esteemed colleagues Dr. Edward Lack described “eating” as  one of the sensual joys of living.  He described eating involving most of our senses including sight, smell, touch and taste.  Yet it is when we eat in dysfunctional excess, are sedentary or our metabolism slows with aging and menopause that we note unhealthy weight gain.

I recently recorded a radio ad because we are launching a new weight loss program.   In that ad I state; ” Many of my patients have complained about the inability to lose weight.  We have listened.”  It is advertising but it is true.  How often do we hear people in everyday life say that they just want to lose 10 pounds?   So after a year of consideration and research we have launched this 2011 our new weight loss program based on HCG and the non-surgical Zerona laser

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin (NOT a sex hormone) that helps to mobilize / metabolize the trapped fat stores we all have and cannot get rid of despite exercise and dieting.  HCG has been touted in the homeopathic world as a facilitator of safe dieting.  How is this? 

First we must look at where we store energy for our bodies.  We can go directly to our blood supply of energy.  This is called our blood glucose – or blood sugar. 

For quick release of energy when we are participating in heavy activity be it manual labor or excercise we rely upon the sugar known as glycogen in our livers.   When we are dieting or in starvation mode we begin to breakdown our muscle protein in order to supply energy to our bodies.  This is not a healthy.

Finally our fat stores are a large source of stored energy but much of this fat in essence is “trapped fat – energy” that is very difficult to be tapped by the body even with exercise and dieting.  This is the biggest source of frustration to many people who want to lose weight.

So we diet and have the following symptoms:

1)  Lightheadedness, crankiness, and lack of focus due to a dropping blood sugar

2)  Fatigue related to depleted liver stores of energy – glycogen.

3)  Weakness due to the breakdown of muscle protein for energy.


4) Our fat stores are then tapped for energy.  We finally lose those fat deposits but not until we hurt our bodies through 1-3 above.

Taking HCG a homeopathic agent significantly minimizes 1-3 above.  It allows the dieting body to mobilize calories from the trapped fat stores.  Zerona “cold” laser creates a porous fat cell wall that allows fat to leak out.  In combination with a HCG diet patients have great potential to lose significant weight.

In health and beauty,

Walter Tom, MD

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  1. Missy Tunzi says:

    I work in the Esthetic industry and actually work with several of your clients. Do you have a clinical study on this weight loss program or are you looking for people to do the program for promotional reasons? I would be willing to be a test subject, as well as promote your other services in our salon.

    • Hello Missy,

      Thank you for your comments. We are thus far quite pleased. Our patients are losing approxiamately 5 lbs or more per week. They do enjoy coming in for their Zerona treatments and believe that HCG has minimized much of the difficulty of maintaining a low calorie diet for the duration of tbe program sequence. Many of our staff are on this porgram and would be willing to share their results. Our Santa Rosa phone number is (707) 542-8346 and our Napa number is (707) 224-5347.

      Missy, at this time we are not involoved in any studies. We will keep you in mind. For those concerned about the cost we do offe Care Credit financing:

      I do appreciate your support.

      All the best Missy,
      Walter Tom, MD

  2. Sarah Short says:

    Dr. Tom –

    Is this a diet that you are using in unison with the Zerona? I heard about this on the radio today; however, am a bit confused. I have a large amount of weight to lose – appx. 75 lbs – and just wondered if this would be right for me of if this is for someone who merely needs to drop 10 – 15 lbs.

    Thank you

    • Thank you for your question Sarah.

      This is a common concern. Much depends on your individual height, weight and medical condition as well as one’s expectations.

      To summarize the radio show telecast Zerona “cold” laser targets the body’s fat cells and makes the cell walls porous – leaky. One can lose inches and weight with this program alone but we have found that adding the HCG component to our program allows patients to tolerate a very low calorie diet without much of the downside of dieting.

      I am just now canvassing our patient’s average weight loss with this combination program and it is quite encouraging. Reports in the 5-7 lbs per week are common. The patient’s are amazed that they do not feel hungry and the Zerona really seems to faciliatate their weight loss.

      The program is either a 3 consecutive week course or a 6 consecutive week course depending on your goals and motivation. After the first course one needs to wait 6 weeks before another trial.

      We follow you weekly to gauge your progress and to help support you in your goals. Consultations with our medical staff are complementary. If we do not believe you are a good candidate we let you know and make other recommendations. We would welcome you to our office. Wouldn’t it be exciting to get a big jump start on your weight loss.

      Thank you again Sarah for commenting on our blog.

      In health and beauty,
      Water Tom, MD

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