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Vampire Facelift: Brent Farris of KZST interviews Dr. Walter Tom

0 Submitted by on Tue, 15 February 2011, 22:19
vampire lift interview KZST 021511 Brent Farris and Debbi Abrams of KZST maintain a rapid paced, high energy morning show.  The Vampire Facelift has generated a lot of media attention.  They make an impromptu call to me because I am the first to introduce this technique to the San Francisco North Bay area.  The interview was a lot of fun.  Bantering with Continue Reading...
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Vampire Lift KSRO Radio Interview Dr. Tom

0 Submitted by on Sat, 12 February 2011, 00:54
01_18_2011_648am_Vampire Treatmen_Walter Tom Vampire Lift is the latest cosmetic technology that has great potential in facial rejuvenation because it uses the patient’s own blood  serum so the risks are minimal.  The serum that is rich in platelets that signal and stimulate growth factors when injected into the face may help to regenerate tissue.  This is a very exciting time in Continue Reading...
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Thin person desires subtle natural face improvement.

0 Submitted by on Mon, 17 January 2011, 23:10
Very thin patients can be problematic in aesthetics especially in the face where natural aging results in  fat deflation.  In the thin patient this is even more pronounced.  A recent email question and answer is printed below. Question Title: 52 and thin…looking for subtle, youthful facial changes Question: I am 52 and have always been very thin.  With age, my facial Continue Reading...
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Vampire Chronicles – Happy New Year Update

0 Submitted by on Wed, 05 January 2011, 23:37
Time for a Vampire Update as we enter 2011!  What will be the next hot trend in Cosmetic procedures?  I predict it will be using our own tissues to rejuvenate our faces.  Selphyl is a unique technique ; one’s own blood serum with concentrated platelets  (hence the name “Vampire Lift”) that is re-injected to revolumize  and rejuvenate the face.  I had this procedure performed three weeks ago.    Continue Reading...
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Day #4 Vampires at Christmas Progress Report

0 Submitted by on Sat, 18 December 2010, 18:02
Recycle our blood to enhance our facial appearance.  This is the basis of using one’s own platelets (a component of our blood) that initiates cell and tissue growth.  The commercial process is the Selphyl platelet rich plasma matrix (PRPM).  This is our day #4 progress report. Our patient who had facial fat grafting wanted to improve the appearance of her deflated cheeks, sagging Continue Reading...
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Day #1 Vampires at Christmas time! Selphyl progress report…

0 Submitted by on Tue, 14 December 2010, 23:11
Well it’s day one after my patient’s facial fat grafting procedure with the addition of her Selphyl platelet rich plasma matrix.   She drove herself into our office and she looks quite good.  She actually has a little less than typical swelling. Her skin is smooth, and I can foresee a very nice end cosmetic result.  Another patient considering facial fat grafting saw our Continue Reading...
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Vampires at Christmas time? Selphyl progress report…

0 Submitted by on Tue, 14 December 2010, 00:05
Selphyl is a simple but ingenious way to isolate one’s own platelets and growth factors to be injected back into our faces to enhance positive skin cell growth and volume restoration of our aging face.  The so called “Vampire Lift” has arrived in Northern California Wine Country just in time for holidays! Today I performed a facial fat grafting procedure on a beautiful 50 Continue Reading...
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Smoker's lines…continued….

0 Submitted by on Sun, 05 December 2010, 20:06
Our last blog post was based on a question and answer from a Facebook exchange.  Further discussion followed: Friend  (I) am one of the fortunate ones who kicked the smoking habit – the lines around the lips are dreadful evidence. (I) had several peels and even laser. would do all often once the budget lines up again. heard good things about Continue Reading...
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Smoker's Lines

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Smokers have a difficult problem with aesthetic concerns besides the well known health issues. Constant smoke exposure causes an accelerated aging process damaging the skin’s cell and collagen structure.  Smoking also causes microcirculation arteries to constrict limiting the flow of nutrition and oxygen to the skin as well.  This increases the risk of complications with any aesthetic procedure both non-invasive Continue Reading...
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Recycle yourself for a younger you?!?!

0 Submitted by on Fri, 26 November 2010, 19:00
Recycle!  Live Green!  Yes but how do you recyle yourselves for a younger looking you?  I recently was a guest lecture at the 5th Annual National Society of CosmeticPhysicians and spoke about our four year experience with Facial Fat Grafting.  Another speaker Dr. Rich Goldfarb described a new technology of using one’s own blood platelet component “Selphyl” to rejuvenate our Continue Reading...
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