GRASS REGIMEN: Let Your Best Skin Begin: Get ULTIMATE Visible Results!

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SkinMedica® designed the GRASS Regimen to help take the guesswork out of choosing products for your skin care needs. Each letter (G, R, A, S and S) represents a product category. Call or visit our office & we’ll help create your personal regimen. It’s that simple! SUN PROTECTION. The last “S” in GRASS represents our SUN PROTECTION category. The Skin Continue Reading...
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Keep Your Lips Kissable and Youthful

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Like many people, you may want fuller lips and more lip symmetry. Attempts to enhance lip contours and fullness with lipsticks and lip plumpers offer limited results. Truly effective lip enhancement requires gentle FDA approved lip injections by our trained healthcare professionals. Lip injections can add fullness and definition to your lips, with a pleasing, natural-looking result. This treatment will Continue Reading...
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Meet Corinne

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Years ago Corinne started to notice dark spots and fine lines, but then she found the Nu-Derm System. Now she has her skin tone and confidence back. Corinne says the Nu-Derm System helps her keep signs of aging at bay. View the video to see for yourself!...
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Meet Kristen

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Kristen is a 33-year-old woman who has tried everything for good skin, including eating right and working out, but nothing has really helped to get rid of her sun spots…that is, until she discovered the Nu-Derm System! Hear her story and watch her transformation....
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Spring rains bring a fresh smell to the air, flowers are blooming and hope “springs” eternal. And it’s time to freshen up our faces! Our skin cells rejuvenate or turnover approximately every 3 weeks. This process may take up to 12 weeks as we age. The first step to freshen up our face is EXFOLIATION. A more frequent rejuvenation cycle Continue Reading...
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Micro-needling Video, Testimonials and Photos

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Micro-needling Testimonials “I look forward to every treatment because I see results immediately. All of my friends compliment me on my skin now and I am so happy. I have had many other treatments before to treat my Acne scars, and nothing worked as well. I would highly recommend to anyone!” – Elizabeth K. “Fantastic treatment! I was in no Continue Reading...
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Get Ready for Summer!

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It’s Bikini Time! It’s unseasonably warm in Northern California and it’s now Day Light Saving’s Time. The combination has many of our patients thinking about even warmer weather, summer vacations and heading to the beach. Of course this makes us start pulling out our bathing suits and trying them on after a long winter. So what can we do to Continue Reading...
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Reduce Wrinkles and Acne Scars with Micro-Needling

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Fine lines and wrinkles are the often the first signs of aging. Repeated muscle movement over time and sun exposure are the main contributing factors. Other factors like smoking, stress, fair complexion and poor diet can also contribute to accelerated aging of the skin. Eventually, everyone has to confront the fact that fine lines wrinkles are inevitable. Fortunately There Is Continue Reading...
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