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Breast Implants and cancer risk for a 30 year old

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Breast augmentation has now been proven to be safe for women desiring breast enhancement.  Yet because of the general public’s increased breast cancer incidence, breast augmentation patients often have understandable concerns.  Below is a question I received from a 30+ year old patient of mine who had silicone implants placed 2 years ago.  She is an intelligent and strong independent woman Continue Reading...
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Liposuction Breast Reduction

2 Submitted by on Sun, 05 June 2011, 19:39
Many women complain of heaviness, back pain and a stigma from having too large a breast size.  Recently a novel approach to reduce breast volume has been introduced using liposuction.  This avoids the traditional large incision breast reduction surgery.  This was highlighted in New You Magazine: Below is  recent patient inquiry regarding liposuction breast reduction. “Hi I was looking at Continue Reading...
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