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Florida interest in Selphyl enhanced Fat Transfer

0 Submitted by on Sat, 19 February 2011, 08:27
Selphyl platelet rich plasma fibrin matrix or the Vampire Facelift is getting a lot of media attention.  I do believe that it’s biggest impact may be how it enhances facial fat grafting as featured on our web link: A patient emailed me all the way from Florida about the use of Selphyl in facial fat grafting because of the Continue Reading...
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Vampire Facelift: Brent Farris of KZST interviews Dr. Walter Tom

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vampire lift interview KZST 021511 Brent Farris and Debbi Abrams of KZST maintain a rapid paced, high energy morning show.  The Vampire Facelift has generated a lot of media attention.  They make an impromptu call to me because I am the first to introduce this technique to the San Francisco North Bay area.  The interview was a lot of fun.  Bantering with Continue Reading...
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Vampire Lift KSRO Radio Interview Dr. Tom

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01_18_2011_648am_Vampire Treatmen_Walter Tom Vampire Lift is the latest cosmetic technology that has great potential in facial rejuvenation because it uses the patient’s own blood  serum so the risks are minimal.  The serum that is rich in platelets that signal and stimulate growth factors when injected into the face may help to regenerate tissue.  This is a very exciting time in Continue Reading...
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