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Recycle yourself for a younger you?!?!

0 Submitted by on Fri, 26 November 2010, 19:00
Recycle!  Live Green!  Yes but how do you recyle yourselves for a younger looking you?  I recently was a guest lecture at the 5th Annual National Society of CosmeticPhysicians and spoke about our four year experience with Facial Fat Grafting.  Another speaker Dr. Rich Goldfarb described a new technology of using one’s own blood platelet component “Selphyl” to rejuvenate our Continue Reading...
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Unhappy Tummy Tuck – What to do?

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I received an inquiry from a patient of another surgeon regarding her tummy tuck.   She requested my advice for alternative solutions.   She was unhappy with the excess fat or “New Love Handle I never had before” following her procedure.   Her level of frustration and desperation was readily apparent in the tone of her email.  My edited response to preserve confidentiality of Continue Reading...
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Are Facials worth your time and money?

2 Submitted by on Thu, 25 November 2010, 13:12
At the Aeshtetic Laser & Vein Centers we have great aestheticians Dee, Jenn and Lindee.  They are a vital component of our aesthetc team that helps one to protect their investment.  After Fraxel fractional laser resurfacing, Thermage non-surgical skin tightening or post operative Facial Fat Grafting they can help to promote healing and the health of your facial skin.  This Continue Reading...
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Liposuction benefits may be medical as well as cosmetic.

2 Submitted by on Thu, 18 November 2010, 22:40
We learn quite a lot even when we teach.  I have recently returned from the National Society of Cosmetic Physicians 5th Annual meeting in Tucson, AZ.   I was a guest speaker on topics of laser vein therapy, laser liposuction of the neck and facial and hand fat grafting.  But most interesting to me was a lecture given by my colleague Dr. Dexter Blome, Continue Reading...
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Embarassment…Male breasts – gynecomastia

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Male breast enlargement is socially a very embarassing problem for young men in high school and for older adult males.  It even has been dubbed “Man Boobs” to add insult to those who suffer from gynecomastia.  I received the below inquiry.  The name and any personal information is omitted of course for patient confidentiality. question: “I have Gynecomastia and it Continue Reading...
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