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Mona Lisa Smile

3 Submitted by on Sun, 17 October 2010, 11:54
It’s interesting that medicine (Cosmetic surgery) is just as prone to marketing if not more so than ever before.  Recently featured on the popular TV show The Doctors was described the Mona Lisa Smile.  I watched the video clip and deduced that it was enlightening for the public.  It demonstrates a technique that we have been using for years.  It is always reassuring that  Continue Reading...
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Cardiac patient desires body contouring…

5 Submitted by on Wed, 13 October 2010, 23:05
Although I have performed close to a thousand cosmetic procedures under local “tumescent” anesthesia without major medical incident patient selection/customization is very important.  Recently a satisfied SmartLipo patient referred her good friend for SmartLipo laser liposuction.  However this friend has significant heart disease and high blood pressure.  So what are her options.  Below is her question and my reply… Patient: Continue Reading...
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Breast Augmentation Costs and Under Arm technique

6 Submitted by on Thu, 07 October 2010, 21:40
Recently through our blog  “Ask Dr. Tom” site the following question was asked:  “What is the average cost of breast enlargement? Is there a way that you go through from under your armpit? Thank you.” We are very proud to offer our patients breast augmentation completely under local anesthesia. Our patients have been very pleased with the results.  We can indeed Continue Reading...
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Saggy Elbow Skin

0 Submitted by on Tue, 05 October 2010, 21:41
Another interesting question posed to me on our KZST/KJZY Cosmetic info line came from a gentleman who has loose elbow skin.  His question/concern and my response are posted below: Question: Saggy skin at elbows Question: I’m 57 in good shape.  Problem is loose skin around elbows.  What Can you do?  I noticed that your email address is related to outdoor Continue Reading...
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